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detail from Habitat installation; acrylic on hand cut canvas, cast shadows, reflected color, nails; 2012-2014














Early Bodies, 2010 - Ongoing

Early Bodies* imagines primordial life as biomorphic creatures exhibiting any range of characteristics from animal, to plant, to single cellular.


Inertial Haze, 2011

Crafted of reclaimed cardboard, natural elements such as twigs, and handmade paper made from junk mail and paper scraps - products of the plant world that they mimic - Inertial Haze attempts to arrest a moment or event in nature even as it depicts that growth or population disappearing.


Retreat and Collapse, 2011

Retreat (costume) was created for a dance performance (choreography by Annette Christopher) and Collapse (wall construction) developed out of Retreat. In the context of the performance Retreat functions as a barrier to conflict and intimacy preventing any sense of partnership or community. Collapse is an aesthetic abstract of Retreat, explores the concept of dimensionality and what might happen to Retreat without a sustaining body. Created initially as independent works of art they collaborate to bookend the spectrum of dimension.


Emergent Stream, 2010

Emergent Stream plays with the notion of identification by simultaneously evoking images of gusting leaves, schooling fish, or falling petals.


Regenerate, 2009

Regenerate is a public interactive installation. The concept was created collaboratively with Megan Reilly with design and construction by L. Renee Nunez. First Night participants were invited to write and attach affirmations for the environment on cornhusk butterflies as part of the New Year celebration. The biodegradable materials used reflect the well wishes for the environment and were allowed to degrade.


Mountains, Ships and Lives, 2008

Mountains, Ships and Lives explores themes of impermanence and fragility. The units are delicately balanced on bamboo legs and gently quiver to the touch. Paper streamers are suspended in the interior and fly, billow, conceal, or divulge depending on how they are manipulated. This interactive installation was commissioned for live performance by the Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Company.


Bokeh, 2009 - Ongoing

The Bokeh watercolor series is inspired by Bokeh photography and its focus on the art of blur. New Bokeh pieces for sale at generousart.org


Synaptic Route: Endangered Species, 2004 - 2009

synapse: the point at which a nervous impulse passes from one neuron to another
synaptic route: physical path in the “circuitry” of the brain made by the repeated passage of nervous impulses

My Synaptic Route collection is a series of works using the grid and pattern to simultaneously document brain patterning and images of rare plants. Plant parts including the flower and fruit have a natural symmetry and intricacy - characteristics which lend themselves to the repetition of pattern making.

The idea for documenting brain patterning came from the term “muscle memory” which I learned as a professional modern dancer. Dancers and athletes in particular use this term to to describe the conjunction of mental memory and the conditioning of muscles to perform a particular movement or action. This idea for me spread into an exploration of patterns of thought, specifically those related to repetitive physical actions.

In my Synaptic Route collection this means giving attention to the physical synaptic route activated in the brain while creating. I wanted to “watch” and determine the formation of a synaptic route as it happened and document it in my work. In order for the pattern to be precise enough for a habit to form I needed a base structure: the grid.

The grid allows for substantially exact repetitions of a drawing which appear almost mechanical. The process of repeated drawing enables a precise route to “burn” into the brain. Each painting is a program designed to create a synaptic route for each image selected. This series features endangered plant species, species of special concern and rare plants.

Replicating endangered plants artificially not only produces documentation of the synaptic route, but the pattern itself dematerializes the surface of the painting creating a state of mind not unlike meditation. In this stillness and quiet endangered plants can be contemplated.




B.A. Studio Art, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX

Selected Exhibitions - * Solo Exhibit
2015 Flying Solo, Nashville International Airport, Nashville, TN
Secret Terrain, Valise Gallery, Vashon Island, WA
013 Everything, Gallery Black Lagoon, Austin, TX
2013 People's Gallery, Austin City Hall, Austin, TX
2012 People's Gallery, Austin City Hall, Austin, TX
Big and Bright: New work from Texas, Curator: Jessica McCambly, Southwestern College Art Gallery, Chula Vista, CA
Pattern Plan, grayDUCK Gallery, Austin, TX
2011 People's Gallery, Austin City Hall, Austin, TX
People's Gallery, Austin City Hall, Austin, TX
2010 Emergent Stream, Salvage Vanguard, Austin, TX *
Waves of Petals, Tokyo Electron, Austin, TX *
Frequencies in Nature, Gallery Black Lagoon, Austin, TX
2010 Four square, grayDuck Gallery, Austin, TX
E.A.S.T., with KDHDC, Picture Box Studio, Austin, TX
2008 People's Gallery, Austin City Hall, Austin, TX
2005 Synapse, Casa Amarilla, Barrio Antiguo, Monterrey, Mexico
2004 Rio Brazos Art Exhibition, Tarleton Langdon Center, Granbury, TX
2004 Gulf Coast Art Exhibition, Texas Artist Museum, Port Arthur, TX

Multi-Disciplinary/Performance Work

The Collective
Costumes by L. Renee Nunez
Choreography by Annette Christopher
Cafe Dance, Austin, TX


Mountains, Ships, and Lives
Installation by L. Renee Nunez
Performance by Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Co.
Music by The Microphones
Austin Ventures Studio Theatre, Austin, TX

Well Suited
Costumes by L. Renee Nunez
and Marc Nunez
Performance by Kathy Dunn Hamrick Dance Co.
Lighting by Megan Reilly
Design Center of Austin, Austin, TX


2012 Best in Show, 4Bridges Arts Festival:
Juried by Daniel Stetson, Director - Hunter Museum of Art, Sylvie Fortin, Editor in Chief - Art Papers, Amy Pleasant, Artist
Regenerate, a public interactive installation - with Megan Reilly, Austin, TX,
commissioned by The City of Austin for First Night
Honorable Mention,
Rio Brazos Art Exhibition, Tarleton Langdon Center, Granbury, TX

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